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Album: 2000BC – Highly skilled da Trash Can (Volume 1)


The Highly skilled Trash Can project is a song combo from the Recycle Bin log off  the one and only “Nwanne Nmadu number 1” Slot 1 in B.H.H nation, presented by BlackWorld, 2000 BC(Highly Skilled). Most of these songs were recorded and mixed 4 years ago and long count.
No need to waste works from the start, so this project is to show the fans whats been cooking all these while and about to be deleted from the can.
Wait for official album and mixtape from 2000bc next year, and guess what? Its a banger and you sure will be wowed.

Tracks featured artists like CDrill, Iykan, Juice, Inveno, Gentle, Squeeze, Carys Johnson
As old as this tracks are, dope is the #hashtag


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